Introducing the 2024 Scholars!

Jun 10, 2024

This year, we have awarded six scholarships, and we couldn’t be more excited to announce it. Prepare to be impressed by these young scholars who have excelled academically and made a difference in their communities.

Sumaya Abdi, Chief Sealth International High School
Growing up Garre, a sub clan of the ethnic group Somali, I understand the importance of an education and remembering my roots. I plan to study biology at the University of Washington and then move on to medical school. The Stanley Ann Dunham Scholarship motivates me to maintain the hope of countless generations before me. My multicultural upbringing has shaped me into a culturally aware individual, driving me forward. I look forward to bringing my values and connecting with students from similar and different backgrounds.

Cassie Au, Rainier Beach High School
I am inspired to study medicine, serving diverse communities, because of the community I come from. Rainier Beach is very diverse in culture, income, access to healthcare, immigration status, race, gender or sexual orientation. I believe that every human being deserves the opportunity to receive healthcare. The Stanley Ann Dunham Scholarship will help me earn a degree and eventually expand access to healthcare.

Ilham Mohamed, Rainier Beach High School
When civil war erupted in Somalia, my parents immigrated to Seattle. They have always instilled in my siblings and me the importance of an education. I recognize how education is a privilege and I see the sacrifices my parents made to ensure that I have choices.My passion for nursing was sparked from a negative personal experience with a doctor. Volunteering at Evergreen Health Hospital, I am surrounding myself with
individuals who share a goal for healthcare equity and open communication. As I prepare to become a nurse, I can build a better experience for marginalized communities. As I maneuver through the healthcare industry post-grad, I will uphold ethics and integrity.

Mayen Nkposong, Mercer Island High School
I am a first-generation American born to two working Nigerian parents who have worked hard to get me to this point. Following graduation, I plan to attend Boston University. As a future data analyst, I am inspired by Dr. Stanley Ann Dunham’s work to empower rural and minority communities around the world. I will seek to answer questions relating to educational inequity, research how to dispel the root causes of the underfunding within the national education systems, and advocate for an increased awareness of everyday injustices.

Samantha Scaia, Chief Sealth International High School
I am excited to start my journey at the University of Washington this coming fall, where I will be majoring in pre-public health. My passion for the well-being and safety of others has led me to pursue this path, and I look forward to expanding my knowledge to work with diverse communities! I would like to give a big thank you to the Stanley Ann Dunham Fund committee for awarding me this scholarship and making my dreams possible.

Karen Zhang, Mercer Island High School
I plan on attending the University of Washington in the fall studying CS and biology. I will use artificial intelligence algorithms to interpret symptoms and imagery to make medicine more accurate and accessible. In ten years, I envision myself as a cross-cultural doctor, working in a global community dedicated to ensuring that underserved and rural populations, children and immigrants especially, receive full access to healthcare. The Stanley Ann Dunham Scholarship will empower me to engineer a more livable and equitable environment for all.