An Inspiration of a Generation: Celebrating our 2018 Guest Speaker Hollis Wong-Wear


As a passionate anthropologist, Stanley Ann Dunham understood the rich significance of culture in our human experience. Now, decades after the pioneering work of Stanley Ann, Hollis Wong-Wear is making her mark on the world by heralding that timeless wisdom for the younger generation. A trailblazing artist, advocate, and inspiration, Hollis speaks through her art—both through her background in the revolutionary Youth Speaks collective, and her current expressions as a musician and producer. Not only does she engage in in cultural and community development by contributing her artistry, but also by dedicating herself to leadership and advocacy.

One thing that clearly stands out when dipping into this impressive young woman’s background, is that she is not singular in her expression and progress—she is a champion of women and the community outside herself. Creative women of color have long birthed and upheld the power of cultural activism and community in Seattle. Hollis’ artistic ventures and accomplishments in leadership echo the reality that empowerment is not an isolated experience, and that making an impact means including the passion of the community that holds you. Furthermore, Hollis’ values as a socially conscious artist remind us to center awareness of how our work influences change in the world around us.

The Stanley Ann Dunham Scholarship Fund is honored to welcome Hollis Wong-Wear in our celebration of empowered young women, ready to set their own paths of impact and purpose. Making a transformative global impact means uplifting and investing in culture, and Hollis is an exemplary role model of just what that means.

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