Introducing the 2018 Scholars!

May 10, 2018


We are so proud to introduce our 2018 scholars: two recipients from Mercer Island High School and two from Rainier Beach High School. They inspired us when they spoke at our annual Award Ceremony on April 22nd. Check out their accomplishments on our “Meet the Scholars” page.

Here are some highlights: Gabriela Lopez Jimenez (from Rainier Beach) volunteered in a hospital in Guatemala, where she worked with nonverbal, special needs patients who challenged her to slow down and listen in a different way. Sophie Poole (from Mercer Island) is co-editor in chief of Mercer Island High’s school newspaper. Her leadership, in-depth research, and commitment to exploring topics of politics and social justice have challenged the status quo and earned the admiration of teachers and classmates alike. Michelle King (from Rainier Beach) aspires to become a homicide detective to help end the violence that plagues her community. She volunteers as a tutor of elementary and middle school students. Arwa Mokdad (from Mercer Island) took her own approach to the topic of religious intolerance, organizing a Q&A panel discussion for the King County Library Teen Advisory Board entitled “Islam: What do you want to know?” A year later, she organized “Faces Behind the Ban,” a community event featuring a panel of people from banned countries to talk about their history and culture.

2018 scholars lo res

2018 Scholars (L-R: Gabriela Lopez Jimenez, Sophie Poole, Arwa Mokdad, Michelle King)